Triangulate Generative AI Tools in Academic Writing

Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools, particularly Generative AI (GenAI), as support for writing scientific articles can be a valuable approach, especially during the literature review phase.

Ethical Implications of AI Integration in CAQDAS

Incorporating AI into Computer-Assisted Qualitative Data Analysis Software (CAQDAS) presents unprecedented potential and intricate ethical dilemmas in the swiftly evolving landscape of qualitative data analysis.

The importance of Critical Thinking when using a CAQDAS

A utilização de Inteligência Artificial no processo de escrita académica coloca-nos num equilíbrio delicado entre o potencial enriquecedor e a integridade.

How qualitative analysis helps food industries in understanding consumer behavior in the metaverse food world

The use of qualitative analysis in the metaverse world would enable food industries to gain a nuanced understanding of consumer behavior, preferences, and expectations.

Trustworthiness and Ethics in Qualitative Research Designs

Several potential problems can arise in the design of a qualitative study methodology. Qualitative research is typically focused on understanding the complexity and richness of a particular phenomenon, and the findings are often based...

WCQR2024: Call for Panel Discussions

The 8th World Conference on Qualitative Research is accepting submissions of Panel Discussions. Propose innovative and interactive panel discussions that explore cutting-edge qualitative research topics, methodologies, or emerging trends.